Age: 20

- He is the half elf hero of the tale that has a horrible father. He goes to study as a druid at a young age. While there he has some wacky adventures.

Perdita- At death 27 The mother of Dietrich. She was sister to the Queen of the Elves, then she fell in love with the powerful Druid King, Etzel. They got married, and she had a baby, Dietrich. She died soon after childbirth of an unknown disease.
Etzel- 52 An incredibly powerful druid, and is the King of the human Kingdom that lies to the west of the great mountains. When his wife died, his grip on sanity started to slip away, and he started to neglect his only son and heir, Dietrich. He reminded him too much of his dead wife.
Reuel- 78 He was the Grand Historian to the Mages before he left the Isles of Magic to share his knowledge with the great king to the north. Then he got stuck with the job of baby-sitting Dietrich.
Nick- 13 An annoying Warrow that doesn’t know when to shut up. He is introduced later, so hold your horses
Don- 23 He is a supercool, superstud. The girls lay down at his feet, and would gladly give themselves to him to satisfy his every desire. But, he only wants the best. As a knight, he does dashing knightly deeds. Such as slaying Dragons. If you know what is good for you, you will give him your money right now.
Konishi-22 He is probably the son of a japanese hooker. He is in no way as cool as Don.
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