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Ok we are up to date!. i went about fixing some stuff and we finnally have the archives back. thats the last time a rely on keenspace html.. at least for now. theres some new profiles and pictures added to the profiles section just have to finnish Konichi's icon. we also found a place to actully get the comic printed in color for a reasonable price so if you would like a copy please email our address. also karls working on a new site for his chainmail and the lord what fools store so please check that out at drunkard jewelry. im still fixing the site and in the future we are going to shrink the comic size. so please if you have any suggestions on how to make this site better email us!


Alright the comic is almost up to date make sure to check all the back issues of this chapter because it might of been updated more then you had realized. i also fixed page two in chapter one so its now in color. were sorry the comics been late but please bear with us its almost back on track . and like i said you would get the updates for each week missed just that they would be late. now the only update we are missin is for the first week of november after that yay!


Sorry guys due to falling sick last monday i havent been able to work on the page for this weeks comic so please forgive the lateness ill try to get it done next week and dont worry youll still have a page for next week they are just going to be delayed. ive been trying to lay down and get rid of this cold and going on the computer makes me feel bleh >_<. but in other news we are offically signed up to be appearing at anime banzai this october 21! so check us out in the artist alley. karl shall be selling some kick ass chainmail that he has made while ill be selling charcater i dunno how you spell it but basicly drawing people in a anime sorta way but more in my style. hopefully ill have some samples soon to put up! so please come and support the two of us and lord what fools at the con theres a link on the top left of the page for you to look at and find out more info.


And Now we have it all back on track everything has been shaded and finnished so please look back in the archives if you havent already! we also now have a fanart section. one of my good friends Lucy has been nice enough to draw some pictures!! woohoo! ...and now there is a section for people to submit stuff that you have drawn... if you like! but please do look they are really cool! Sorry you guys but yes August is only one page a week hopefully ill get the hang of dealin with everything and we shall be getting more updates! so sit tight



Alright we are finally updated and on track ... july was once again a double page week . very sorry for the late pages every week but everything is caught up .. as for the flat pages they will be shaded you have my promise on that and some have already been worked on so please go back on the pages and check.but this month august sorry but we are going to be going back to one page a week! due to lazy liz and just other stuff going on this month i doubt i can draw them up that fast. thank you for bareing with all this! this month i hopefully updates will be on time this time. but i can promise you this you will get a page every week ... they maybe late but no week shall be skipped! oh yes also thoses of you that have deviantart accounts or sheezy art accounts lord what fools can be found on there also in better quality then is put up on here. so if you have an account please check it out. btw i only put up on thoses accounts the finnished shaded pages so no half arsed stuff there please check them out under the username "darkelisa" thank you !



Sorry about the lateness these weeks have been a little hecktic and i have been very lazy so i present the half ass done very late page for tuesday. saterday will be on time (hopefully) but also in flat color until i get around to finnishin the shading so thanks for the patience and very sorry!


Sorry once again the next update will be also in flat color until i can find my stylus or get a new one the pages will look likethis. but not to worry ill go back and color them. i just hate for you guys not to get the full finnished product. thank you for your patience and also if you dont know we are going to continue doing the double pages a week. but theyre being moved to saterdays. so tuesdays and saterdays. sorry for the inconivence!


Yay were back from the japan trip. it was a blast. theres going to be a little change in when we update thats why theres nothing for thursday today =(. we are still going to continue to do double pages into the month of june but this time they are goingto fall on saterdays instead of thrusdays! so new page will be up this starting saterday. thank you for your patience. another thing is i have lost my wacom stylus pen so i have no real way of shading any of the pages at the moment so until i find that im afraid there going to stay into flat color. but not to worry ill inform you guys when i have recolored any pages =). thank you for your patience again! and please keep reading our comic!


And another link exchange this time with inverloch! woohoo!


Gah i need to change this html and this whole site it ticks me off it looks ugly and im sure you guys would agree its not as attractive and user friendly as it can be i hope i can get to it before we go to Japan!



Yay we have another link exchange! so all of you go check it out! The webcomic is called "tales from the city." i gotta say its got some neato artwork

the dreamland chroncles

btw for the next month im trying to draw out a more pages for may so what me and karl have been planning is actully a DOUBLE PAGE WEEKS!!!! exciting huh? so youll actully get twice as many comics a week. oh and on another note the chapter ends on 22 so you also get a chapter page to end it but thats not included in the double page thingy so technically one ofthe weeks you get THREE pages instead of two. so please keep an eye out for that this may!!


Um don't do drugs.... and you all smell like cheese.



In case you guys are bored check out my deviantart site you can find tons of neato pictures and look in the scraps sections and find concept artwork from the comic.



Liz again, we already have two link exchanges! woohoo! and heres there banners!

the dreamland chroncles


Snafu Comics



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